Paper Mache Dragon – What’s That Got to Do with Mindfulness?

Paper Mache Dragon in the works

Paper Mache Dragon Phase 2




I am loving the paper mache dragon that is slowly taking shape in my house. This is only a first edition. The ultimate goal is to create a weatherproof dragon that will live in my garden. But what, you might ask, does a paper mache dragon have to do with mindfulness?

Well for starters, any activity can be part of a mindfulness practice if we are focused enough: washing dishes, brushing teeth, taking a walk. Craft projects in particular, lend themselves to mindfulness practice especially if they are something we love. They allow us to become totally immersed in the process, focus deeply on the task at hand, and be in the moment as something new is manifesting in the world.

And what’s not to love about paper mache?  It is the frugal person’s pottery, accessible to anyone with old newspaper, water, and white flour. It’s gooey and messy for those of us that like that sort of thing.  And it is a very forgiving medium. You can reshape almost anything.

But what I am loving most is noticing lots of synchronicity with my focus word mindfulness experiment. This week’s practice is about paying attention to the waxing moon and what is increasing in my life.  I have watched this dragon increase in size and shape; a larger head and eye sockets, and spiny plates and claws.

It sprung out of nothingness into three dimensional form.  Yes, I know I am the one shaping the dragon, but it started as an idea in emptiness, which was my word a few weeks ago and it is invoking joy and absolute delight by coming to life in my living room.

And lastly, a dragon is a mythical creature symbolizing the primal elements: earth (living in caves), air (taking flight), fire (breathing fire) and water (some also breathe ice). They are imagined to be wise, powerful, and free.  If I’m working on wonderment, creating a dragon from scratch has all the necessary elements.

Paper Mache Information

Paper mache or “papier mache” means “chewed paper” in French

Check out these resources:

The book By Dan Reeder on Papier Mache dragons  and also  Dan Reeder’s Website have lots of helpful information.

Also check out the  dragon making information by Jonni Good 

Dragon Sculpture Bulgaria

Dragon Sculpture in Bulgaria

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