Mindfulness Garden Games
by Joann Calabrese
author of Growing Mindful

Celestial Tipping Point of Winter Solstice

The Sun Returns The celestial tipping point that is winter solstice happens Tuesday, December 21st at 8:59 AM Mountain Time. As our home planet journeys around the sun, it tilts on its axis. North of the equator we are leaning away from the sun. It has been tilting in that direction since summer, making the … Read more

St. Lucy’s Day – the Original Winter Solstice

. The Original Winter Solstice December 13 is St. Lucy’s Day.  This is the Catholic feast day of Santa Lucia/Saint Lucy (and also my mother Lucy’s birthday). The word Lucia is rooted in the Latin word meaning light and Santa Lucia celebrations revolve around light returning. On the ancient Roman calendar, Saint Lucy’s Day was … Read more


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