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Mindfulness Garden Games
by Joann Calabrese
author of Growing Mindful
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About Me

person holding a bundle of dried flax
Me with Flax harvest

Joann Calabrese

two dogs in the snow
Millie and Luna

As a lifelong organic gardener and meditation practioner, the connection between gardens, mindfulness, and spirituality has always been self-evident. I tend to see the world through the garden. And so this website offers insights, ideas, and inspiration about plants, mindfulness, and intentional living.  This year I’m writing a series of blog posts in sync with full moons and new moons.  Sign up to receive email notifications of new posts on my blog page.  And check out my book, Growing Mindful, Explorations in the Garden to Deepen Your Awarenesswhich provides a wealth of ideas for green world mindfulness.  I happily garden in Denver, Colorado, where I live with my two wonderful canine companions, Luna and Millie.

My current endeavors

Recovery Education Director at the Colorado Mental Wellness Network, where I develop and lead workshops on wellness, mindfulness, and peer support training.  Learn more about the Network here.

Coaching – one on one coaching to support individuals with their mindfulness, meditation, and life goals. Click here for more information on coaching with me.

Qigong and Mindfulness Walks – at Bluff Lake Nature Center, one Sunday a month, April through September.    Click here for a 3 minute video on mindfulness walks at Bluff Lake 

Qigong, Tai Chi, and other Energy Work – studying mind-body practices for many years and now sharing them with others. In 2023, I completed the Level 2 Qigong Instructor & Tai Chi Easy Leader Certificates from the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC).  I am part of a team offering virtual qigong healing circles through Healing Circles Global. 

Spinning Flax, Ramie & Wool into Yarn – I was inspired when studying the history of fabric to begin growing my own flax and spinning it and other fibers into yarn. This is a new project for me and quite amazing.

Medicinal Herbs – a life long and dedicated student of working with plants that help us heal body, mind, and soul – that’s what being in the garden is all about!



BA in Social Work; Master’s in Organizational Leadership;  Advanced Level Facilitator for the Wellness Recovery Action Plan; Training from the Back of the Room; Qigong Leader & Tai Chi Easy Leader Certificates from the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC); Permaculture certificate from Dancing Green Permaculture

Available for
  • life coaching with a mindfulness focus
  • workshops on garden mindfulness practices
  • training on wellness, mindfulness practices, qigong, and Tai Chi Easy
  • integrating mindfulness practice into the workplace
  • facilitating focus groups and work groups from a mindfulness perspective
  • assisting individuals and groups to connect and utilize their strengths

Connect at: Joanncalabrese@gmail.com


Susun Weed Podcast – July 6, 2021 Blogtalk Radio with Susun Weed

Diane Wing Radio Podcast  https://www.dianewing.com/radio/joann-calabrese-growing-mindful/.

Gardening as a Portal to Mindfulness with Linda Joy,  Tuesday, March 16, 2021  Noon Mountain Time/ 2 PM Eastern,   http://bit.ly/InspiredRadio  (You can access the streaming replay all week!)

Bernard Alvarez Show, also Tuesday March 16, 1 PM MT/3 PM Eastern,                 htttps://www.facebook.com/events/2751454395169731/    

The February  issue of Aspire magazine has an article by me, Spring Renewal – Four Plant Based Practices. Check it out here.

See my article in the January Llewellyn Journal, Embracing Winter Energy: Three Practices. Check it out here.


Connect at: Joanncalabrese@gmail.com