Mindfulness Garden Games
by Joann Calabrese
author of Growing Mindful

Seasons of Hail

New Moon Greetings – July 5, 2024 Didn’t See it Coming When I began gardening in Colorado, hail was not on my planning list. I knew that gardening would be harder in Denver than in Pennsylvania where I’d grown up. Water falls from the sky routinely in Pennsylvania. Rainfall in Erie, PA averages 42 inches … Read more

Poppies & Recognition of Beauty

Happy New Moon – June 6, 2024 Poppies & Beauty The poppies in my garden have just begun to unfold. They are shockingly beautiful. No, seriously, I almost forget each year how breathtaking they are. The petals look like they are created from tissue paper and the markings in the center form a beautiful mandala. … Read more

Lessons of Motherwort


Happy New Moon! May 7, 2024 The motherwort in my yard is already a foot high. This lovely perennial herb belongs to the mint family.  However, unlike many other mints, it does not have a strong fragrance and it won’t take over your yard. The plant is impressive, standing tall with serrated leaves gently sloping … Read more

Eclipse Magic

Eclipse Magic April 8th will bring a total solar eclipse to a wide swath of North America. If you are unaware of that fact, perhaps you’ve been in Antartica or on a media fast. Because most of us have been inundated with information, excitement, and a little hysteria. Of course, a total solar eclipse is … Read more

Time Change Challenge

New Moon Greetings – March 10, 2024 It’s Daylight Savings Time Again On this first morning of Daylight Savings Time (DST), I have a mindfulness time-change challenge for you. We know this six-month cycle of adjusting the clocks is disorienting. So you may be thinking the challenge is to remain mindfully attentive as you try … Read more

Herbs as Mindfulness Prompts

Happy New Moon – February 9, 2024 Plants as Mindfulness Prompts In truth, any plant could be a mindfulness prompt if you define it that way – a reminder to stop, breathe, and be present. But fragrant plants are some of the best as they will grab your attention when you brush against them. They … Read more

Aligning with Lunar Cycles

Greeting on the first New Moon of 2024 – January 11th If your new year resolutions have already fallen flat or perhaps not off the ground yet, don’t worry – the lunar cycle is your answer. We don’t have to be stuck with an annual cycle for setting intentions and goals. It’s way too long. … Read more

Cultivating Wonder and Joy

Greetings on the Last Full Moon of the Year – December 26, 2023 It is easy to get lost in day to day responsibilities and the stream of difficult news, but mystics and seers have always tapped into wonder and joy even when things around them were dark. Tuning into wonder does not mean ignoring … Read more

Almost Solstice with Santa Lucia

New Moon Greetings – December 12, 2023 Tomorrow – December 13th – is the feast day of Santa Lucia Day (Saint Lucy). She is the patron saint of Sicily and many parts of Southern Italy, as well as the Netherlands. But what many people don’t realize is that December 13th was the date of Winter … Read more

Humble Beets & Balance

Beets and Balance

Full Moon Greetings – November 27, 2023 A Symbol of Balance  Beets (Beta Vulgaris) are a perfect symbol of balance. These earthy vegetables hold the energy of equilibrium both symbolically and in reality. At the dinner table the roots and leaves (all edible) represent a balanced and healthy choice. Beets are helpful in balancing both … Read more


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