Mindfulness Garden Games
by Joann Calabrese
author of Growing Mindful

Of Marigolds & Joy in Dark Times

Marigolds & Finding Joy in Dark Times

Full Moon Greetings! November 8, 2022 Cultivating Joy in Dark Times The world can be a challenging and even wearisome place (in case you hadn’t noticed). But it can also be a place of beauty, connection, and joy. Even in the midst of darkness we can intentionally tend and nurture joy as we would seedlings … Read more

Gardening & Qigong – 5 Connections

  Happy New Moon – February 1, 2022 Qigong and Gardening seems like a perfect topic for this first new moon post in my lunar blog schedule. – That’s because new moon is a time of hidden energies. And also a time to explore new concepts to see what might be revealed. Qigong is a … Read more

Mindfulness Invitations, a Challenge, & a Gift

Welcoming  the New Year As we cautiously wade into 2022 I have invitations, a mindfulness challenge, and a gift to brighten your new year. Perhaps you started the year with a goal to practice mindfulness in a more consistent or deeper way. Or maybe you are still casting about to decide what your mindfulness goals … Read more

Summer Garden Mindfulness – Three Reminders

Summer Garden

Summer Garden Mindfulness A summer garden is the most natural place to practice mindfulness. The overflowing scents, colors, and beauty  help us focus. However, it is easy to be distracted in your own garden noticing all the tasks calling to you. If your garden is like mine in mid-summer it is bursting with edibles, flowers, … Read more

Simple Earth Day Mindful Practices


Happy Earth Day 2021! How do you Spell Earth? H-O-M-E –  Yes, we know it. But we don’t always hold this knowledge in our awareness. And based on some of the behavior on the planet, many don’t seem to understand this fact.  And it is the only home we have. So in honor of Earth … Read more

Winter Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt

How does a mindfulness scavenger hunt work? Unlike a regular scavenger hunt the, goal is NOT to hurry or to necessarily find everything on the list.  Find what you can. The practice is to notice, engage, appreciate, and cultivate wonder for the natural world. If you deepen your connection by taking time with anyone of … Read more

Nine Garden Intentions for a New Year

Mindful Garden Intentions for 2021 Embrace Wholeness.  If you are a gardener you already know a garden is much more than the visible plants. Soil, pollinators, fungi, micro-organisms, the elements, and green plants are an interconnected web. Find ways to hold that connectedness in your awareness throughout the day. Share the Joy. Introduce someone to … Read more

Growing Mindful – My Book – Coming in January

      I’m happy to announce that my book, Growing Mindful – Explorations in the Garden to Deepen your Awareness will be published by Llewellyn Press on January 8, 2021. If you have enjoyed my blog posts I hope you will check it out! And please consider adding it to your Goodreads list, and … Read more

My Four Point Plan for Dispelling the Darkness – thoughts on the longest night of the year

Winter solstice always carries the symbolism of light dispelling darkness. That image seems particularly comforting right now as we have entered a dark period in which people full of hate and mean intentions have captured the castle.  After weeks of mucking around in the darkness, I am ready to embrace the light.  I’ve written a … Read more

Practicing Deep Magic

Having grown up reading Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and other fantasy books, I’ve been  immersed in the concept of deep magic.  Most everyone knows the stories…the ring to rule them all was forged by deep magic, the stone table on which Aslan was sacrificed was built with deep magic. The magic that created these things always … Read more


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