Mindfulness Garden Games
by Joann Calabrese
author of Growing Mindful

Alien World of Fungi

Happy New Moon – June 28, 2022 The Alien World of Fungi The word alien is often used to describe beings from elsewhere – whether it’s another country or outer space. However the word alien can mean strange, foreign, odd, or simply something we know little about. And honestly, fungi absolutely meet that criteria. Although … Read more

Earth Day Contemplation

Happy Earth Day – April 22 2022 The meditation below is adapted from one in my book, Growing Mindful.  It seems like a good offering on this Earth Day 2022. Our Human-Centric Culture Western culture’s human-centric view of the world emphasizes separateness from the web of life. That view has created many of our modern … Read more

Simple Earth Day Mindful Practices


Happy Earth Day 2021! How do you Spell Earth? H-O-M-E –  Yes, we know it. But we don’t always hold this knowledge in our awareness. And based on some of the behavior on the planet, many don’t seem to understand this fact.  And it is the only home we have. So in honor of Earth … Read more

Nine Garden Intentions for a New Year

Mindful Garden Intentions for 2021 Embrace Wholeness.  If you are a gardener you already know a garden is much more than the visible plants. Soil, pollinators, fungi, micro-organisms, the elements, and green plants are an interconnected web. Find ways to hold that connectedness in your awareness throughout the day. Share the Joy. Introduce someone to … Read more

Growing Mindful – My Book – Coming in January

      I’m happy to announce that my book, Growing Mindful – Explorations in the Garden to Deepen your Awareness will be published by Llewellyn Press on January 8, 2021. If you have enjoyed my blog posts I hope you will check it out! And please consider adding it to your Goodreads list, and … Read more

Saving Seeds as Hopeful Practice

amaranth - seed saving

Seed Gathering Time By day it is still super-hot in Denver, but the nights are cooler and the days are shorter. This triggers plants, especially annuals (those that live only one season) to begin to set seeds. When we are enjoying the beauty of flowers or the harvest of fruits and vegetables, we may get … Read more

Garden Yield – Expanded Definition

“Obtain a yield” is a basic tenet of the sustainable design system permaculture. Many moons ago I took a permaculture design course and incorporate some of those concepts into my backyard sanctuary. One idea is to design for ease of care. This includes focusing on plants that are perennial, disease resistant, and do well naturally … Read more

Dreaming of Eggplant amidst Coronavirus

    It is snowing here in Denver, but eggplant bushes are producing fruit in many places in the world. I know this of course because eggplant originated in climates much warmer than Colorado. And I also know this because my Houston daughter’s garden is magnificently producing eggplant right now. I can only dream. In … Read more

My Unlikely Garden Project – Flax to Fiber

Flax to Fiber One of my many garden goals for the new year is attempting to create fiber from flax…fiber as in thread, string, or whatever I can manage. I was inspired to explore this idea after reading The Golden Thread, How Fabric Changed History by Clair St. Kasia   Humans have been making fiber from flax … Read more

A Simple Resolution Re-Do

New Year’s Resolution Re-Do. Have your new year’s resolutions faded from view? Most evaporate quickly. Maybe you are in the anti-resolution camp and never set any to begin with. If your resolutions have faded or you are just looking for an intentional practice you can get excited about, I have a suggestion. It’s an easy … Read more


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