Mindfulness Garden Games
by Joann Calabrese
author of Growing Mindful

Poppies & Recognition of Beauty

Happy New Moon – June 6, 2024 Poppies & Beauty The poppies in my garden have just begun to unfold. They are shockingly beautiful. No, seriously, I almost forget each year how breathtaking they are. The petals look like they are created from tissue paper and the markings in the center form a beautiful mandala. … Read more

Humble Beets & Balance

Beets and Balance

Full Moon Greetings – November 27, 2023 A Symbol of Balance  Beets (Beta Vulgaris) are a perfect symbol of balance. These earthy vegetables hold the energy of equilibrium both symbolically and in reality. At the dinner table the roots and leaves (all edible) represent a balanced and healthy choice. Beets are helpful in balancing both … Read more

The Map is not the Territory

Greetings at the New Moon –  November 13, 2023 The phrase “the map is not the territory” is attributed to philosopher and scientist Alfred Korzybski. Basically, it means that a map can never completely represent all aspects of a space. If it did so, it would just be the place itself. (Korzybski elaborates on the … Read more

Quirkiness of Corn

Full Moon Greetings – September 29, 2023 Corn’s Quirky Nature You might not think much about corn (Zea mays or Maize) in your garden or on your plate, but it has fascinating and distinct characteristics from most other plants you grow. First of all, corn is a grain. (The grain family includes plants like wheat, … Read more

Attempting Figs in Zone 5

Happy New Moon – September 14, 2023 Ancient Figs Figs and fig trees show up in many myths and origin stories. The Egyptian goddess Hathor sometimes embodied a fig tree as she nourished and guided souls after death. In the bible story, Adam and Eve clothe themselves in fig leaves, which I always thought odd … Read more

Chrysanthemums for Transitions

Full Moon Greetings – August 30, 2023 Herald of Summer Ending Chrysanthemums are fall blooming perennials that announce the fading of summer. Mums (for short) are beautiful and tidy plants that come in a range of shapes and colors from deep orange and yellow to lavender and mauve. Flowers are shape shifters and may resemble … Read more

August Garden Chaos

Happy New Moon – August 16, 2023 The chaos of a typical August garden may make practicing mindfulness in your green space a bit challenging. Plants are producing abundantly and all a bit overgrown, tangling around and into each other. In addition to the usual tending of plants like weeding and watering, most of us … Read more

Calendula for Creative Inspiration

Full Moon Greetings – August 1, 2023 Calendula officinalis is the first plant my mind goes to when I think about creativity. It holds an energetic resonance with imaginative forces and can inspire us to discover our unique style of creativity. Of course, many plants inspire creative endeavors, but Calendula bridges artistic, healing, and culinary … Read more

Garden Enlightenment

What of enlightenment? When I began meditating many moons ago, the workshops and books I was immersed in promoted a concept of enlightenment. They weren’t referring to The Enlightenment with a capital E that happened in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, but instead a spiritual shift in perspective. Since meditation has become mainstream, the … Read more

Three Sisters Experiment

New Moon Greetings – June 18, 2023 Most gardeners have heard of the Three Sisters – a plant community made up of pole beans, corn, and squash, with benefits to all three plants. The Three Sisters have been utilized by many Native American cultures for thousands of years. Although the varieties of these plants vary … Read more


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