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Mindfulness Garden Games
by Joann Calabrese
author of Growing Mindful
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Mindfulness Garden Games

Ideas – Inspiration – Insight
For Deepening your Connection to the Green World
Echinacea flowers with a bee on one flower
What You’ll Find Here
  • Practices for Mindfulness & Intentional Living
  • Garden Mindfulness Challenges
  • History & Magic of Herbs & Plants
  • Gardening Wisdom
  • & the very Occasional Recipe (with plants from my garden)
Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness (or the practice of focused awareness) has lots of benefits for individuals. But garden mindfulness can be a key to healing our communities and planet. As we focus on connecting with the green world, we become aware of the intersecting circles of life. We touch the visible and invisible energies that provide support, nurturing, wisdom and make life possible. I believe when people understand that connection on a deep level, they can make better choice. That awareness can change the world in positive ways.

amaranth - seed saving
Why Games?

Games are meant to be fun. When we approach mindfulness as a game we can be light and easy about it. Like a video game where we constantly get knocked off our feet, just laugh and get back up and start again.

purple bee balm
Bee Balm
Why Gardens?

That’s an easy one – if you love gardens and gardening, then gardens are the obvious doorway to mindfulness.  We can practice specific garden activities (games) that deepen our awareness, like walking meditation or drawing a plant to connect with it.

But gardening by itself can be a mindfulness game.  The simple act of tending a plant allows us to focus and be present with another living species in a nurturing way.

Garden as Metaphor
picture of a sunflower

The garden is also a metaphor for our individual lives and our lives in community.  We tend our own life gardens with personal goals that are important to us.  Our life gardens are part of a larger community that needs energy and tending from us as well. Living with intention, we can nourish and nurture all these intersecting gardens.


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Luna with pumpkins and sage