Mindfulness Garden Games
by Joann Calabrese
author of Growing Mindful

Garden Experiments

Garden Experiments - Stinging Nettles

New Moon Greetings – May 19, 2023 Garden Evolution  Garden Experiments are about pushing the boundaries of what you ordinarily grow. When my children were young, I focused my garden efforts exclusively on edible plants and healing herbs. Feeding people and having plants to make my own teas, tinctures, and salves was the top priority. … Read more

Of Marigolds & Joy in Dark Times

Marigolds & Finding Joy in Dark Times

Full Moon Greetings! November 8, 2022 Cultivating Joy in Dark Times The world can be a challenging and even wearisome place (in case you hadn’t noticed). But it can also be a place of beauty, connection, and joy. Even in the midst of darkness we can intentionally tend and nurture joy as we would seedlings … Read more

Fairy Garden Creation

Fairy Garden

Happy New Moon – September 25 2022 Summer Fairy Garden Project My grand-daughter, Sonya, and I decided to create fairy gardens as a summer project this year. We just wrapped them up the week before autumn equinox – but that still qualifies as a summer project. Our goal was to do something fun together (of … Read more

Simple Joys: Crackle Ice & Overwintering Pumpkins

Luna in the snow - simple joys

    Simple joys pop up when we are paying attention. A few weeks ago while walking the dogs with my grandson, we discovered a patch of crackle ice. If you live in no freeze zone, you may be unfamiliar with crackle ice. It’s a thin layer of ice that forms across sidewalks or pavement … Read more


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