Connectedness is the mindfulness word for the week.  And gardens are an easy place to begin to contemplate connectedness.  There is a constant flowing of energy between plants, soil (earth), air, sun (fire), and rain (water).  They all work in unison to support life on the planet.  And as humans, we are intimately connected to the tribe of plants.  Plants provide sustenance and life giving oxygen.  Without plants, we would not be alive. Taking the time to tune into that relationship can foster a sense of gratitude and calm.

Connectedness is Not a Mental Activity

Experiencing connectedness is not something we do with our intellect,  but we can use our intellect to point us in the right direction. We can direct our minds to contemplate the connections in our daily lives, simply holding the awareness of this network in our hearts.  But that means we need to allow time and space for this to happen.

Connectedness to Others

Connectedness, for me, also means we are all IN the circle of energy encompassing our planet and the universe. Nothing is out.  When we tune into connectedness we experience the invisible threads weaving everyone and everything together, providing support, nurturing, and wisdom. There is no place that is not part of us.

I will say that I have been challenged by this concept recently, even though I know in my heart it is true.  When I see so many humans, especially those in positions of power, acting in ways that seem deliberately vengeful, mean, and so dismissive of others, it is a challenge to remember we are all connected.

So I thought this could be a good week to focus on connectedness as a mindfulness practice. The garden is the easy place for me to naturally see connections.  My challenge will be to notice and be aware of connectedness in other venues.

A Quote to Inspire

When you see, not only intellectually but with your heart too, how we are all connected, how can you harm another? It’s the same as harming oneself. – Narissa Doumani

This is week 20 of  my mindfulness focus word experiment. Click here for more information.


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