Mindfulness Garden Games
by Joann Calabrese
author of Growing Mindful

Chrysanthemums for Transitions

Full Moon Greetings – August 30, 2023 Herald of Summer Ending Chrysanthemums are fall blooming perennials that announce the fading of summer. Mums (for short) are beautiful and tidy plants that come in a range of shapes and colors from deep orange and yellow to lavender and mauve. Flowers are shape shifters and may resemble … Read more

August Garden Chaos

Happy New Moon – August 16, 2023 The chaos of a typical August garden may make practicing mindfulness in your green space a bit challenging. Plants are producing abundantly and all a bit overgrown, tangling around and into each other. In addition to the usual tending of plants like weeding and watering, most of us … Read more

Amaranth & Grace

Happy Full Moon – February 5, 2023 I’ve been thinking a lot about amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus) because I am packing up a multitude of seeds for friends, harvested from last year’s garden. The tiny amaranth seeds are hard to separate from the reddish bits of petals that still cling to them. And to some extent … Read more

New Moon Mindfulness

Happy New Moon – December 23, 2022 It’s the December new moon – and this particular one arrives just two days after winter solstice .These events share many of the same energetic qualities. They both are times of darkness, but also are turn around points for increasing light. Winter solstice is the annual point, but … Read more

Of Marigolds & Joy in Dark Times

Marigolds & Finding Joy in Dark Times

Full Moon Greetings! November 8, 2022 Cultivating Joy in Dark Times The world can be a challenging and even wearisome place (in case you hadn’t noticed). But it can also be a place of beauty, connection, and joy. Even in the midst of darkness we can intentionally tend and nurture joy as we would seedlings … Read more

Seeking the Dependable

Seeking the Dependable Does it feel like the world is more chaotic of late? It could be that our interconnectedness simply makes us more aware of disorder. Either way, it is easy to be rocked by chaos. And we may find ourselves seeking stability and dependability in and around our lives. One of my favorite garden … Read more

The Magic of NANOWRIMO

The Magic of NANOWRIMO Nestled neatly between the end of gardening season and the beginning of the holidays is NANOWRIMO, National Novel Writing Month. It is a marathon in which writers challenge themselves to complete 50,000 words in thirty days. This is my second year of writing for NANOWRIMO, and although it makes the month … Read more


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