26 December

Turning Points – Mindfulness Focus Words

    The mindfulness focus this week is turning points. The funny thing about turning points is that we don’t always know when we’ve made it around the bend.  Oh sure, sometimes it is obvious. It may be something dramatic like a new job or a move to a new city.  But often, turning points… (Read More)

17 December

Leaning Into Darkness

      Arguing With Winter I am not a fan of winter or the darkness that accompanies it. The sun sets in Denver just after 4:30 PM this week, making for a very long night.  And although the weather can be balmy here when the sun is up, temperatures can plummet twenty degrees after… (Read More)

20 December

My Four Point Plan for Dispelling the Darkness – thoughts on the longest night of the year

Winter solstice always carries the symbolism of light overtaking the darkness.  That image seems particularly comforting right now as we have entered a truly dark period in which people full of hate and mean intentions have captured the castle.  After weeks of mucking around in the darkness, I am ready to embrace the light.  I’ve… (Read More)

20 February

Winter Mandalas

This moment and this moment and this next moment….that’s what we have. These moments make up our lives, and yet we seem to be wired to be anywhere but in this present moment. Certainly more than at any time in our history, the information on meditation and mindfulness is readily available and yet people struggle… (Read More)

20 December

On Winter Solstice

The celestial tipping point that is winter solstice happens on Saturday, December 21st at exactly 10:11 AM Mountain Time. (See other time zones below.) As our home planet journeys around the sun, it tilts on its axis so that those of us living north of the equator are leaning away from the sun. It has… (Read More)

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