7 January

Garden Catalogs, Seed Lust, & Accepting Limitations

  Spring is Coming I know it is super cold in much of the country, but there are sure signs of spring if we are paying attention.  The minutes of sunlight are increasing each day and seed catalogs are arriving in the mail. If you are not a gardener, it might be hard to understand… (Read More)

19 March

Balance – Mindfulness Focus Word Experiment Week 12

Balance is the Mindfulness Focus this week. Spring arrives at 4:28 AM Mountain Time on Monday March 20th.(1)  And although spring can represent newness to many people, it’s very much about balance. Consider this – As we circle around the sun, the two equinoxes (spring and fall) are the counterpoints to the winter and summer… (Read More)

2 April

Practicing Deep Magic

Having grown up reading Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and other fantasy books I’ve been  immersed in the concept of deep magic.  Most everyone knows the stories…the ring to rule them all was forged by deep magic, the stone table on which Aslan was sacrificed was built with deep magic. The magic that created these things always… (Read More)

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