Embracing What Is

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Embracing What Is – that’s the mindfulness focus for the week.

Dreary Days in Denver

A run of cold dreary days has marked the beginning of fall in Denver. With the passing of the equinox last week, came clouds, grey, and rain. This is not the usual weather for Denver, where even in the cold the sun shines brightly. It is hard not to prefer sunshine and beautiful flowers. Although it does seem possible to have preferences (sunshine and flowers) but also accept what is here and now.

Tuning Into What is Actually Here

If I let go of expectations and tune in to the forms and shapes of a fading garden and the color of the sky, I can be intrigued by all that’s happening. Looking with fresh eyes, I can see that the cosmos seed heads resemble copper star like orbs. The rain creates a unique poly-rhythm on my roof. And raindrops resist gravity as they hang suspended from leaves and flowers.

That’s just for starters. If I open my eyes and see, there are fascinating things happening all over the garden. Some garden plants DO embrace the changing season.  Chrysanthemums, kale, and sunchokes all are more vibrant with the cool grey days.  The sunchokes have all begun flowering.

If I am consciously paying attention, I can find lots to be curious and intrigued by.  As always, the mindfulness focus is easier to practice with the garden than with the rest of life.

With so many losses this year, embracing what is might be a little out of reach. So I will practice embracing in the garden.  In the rest of my life I will  work on accepting what is and stretch toward embracing.

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