18 February

Circle of Influence – Contemplating Our Reach

          The mindfulness focus this week is circle of influence…contemplating  the reach of our actions and what if anything we can do to change the world.  Sadly this is not inspired by the garden, but instead by the ongoing gun violence in this country. It is easy to be overwhelmed by… (Read More)

11 February

Freezing Fog, Pogonip, & Clarity

    The view out our window on Friday morning looked like we were inhabiting a Loreena Mckennit song.  Even as the weather app was assuring us there was no precipitation in Denver, we walked out into air that was wet, thick, and cold. Grey mist hung in the air and a crystalline film enveloped trees… (Read More)

4 February

Connectedness and the Super Bowl

      Today is Super Bowl Sunday. It’s an odd day for those of us not into sports.  But here is a thought for my fellow non-sports people – maybe the Super Bowl  is about connectedness. I used to be completely baffled by the popularity of football and especially Super Bowl Sunday. (Sorry to… (Read More)

28 January

Personal Power – Inspired by Garlic

    Garlic (Allium sativum) is a beautiful plant, a healing food, and a symbol of personal power and protection. Growing up in an Italian American household, garlic was a go-to seasoning like salt or pepper.  I was shocked to discover as I got older that there are kitchens that exist without garlic.  This seems… (Read More)

21 January

Accepting Uncertainty

    Children’s books often perfectly capture the human experience. In the Frog and Toad story The Garden, Toad admires Frog’s garden and then plants some seeds of his own. Toad waters the garden and then begins to obsess about when the seeds will come up.  He paces, worries, sings, and shouts at the seeds, which… (Read More)

14 January

Aliveness of Nature – Tuning In

  Shores of Lake Erie Opening up to the Aliveness of nature is this week’s mindfulness focus. Some settings immediately open our eyes to the aliveness of the natural world. I grew up along the shores of Lake Erie(1) and walking along the beach on even the calmest days, the aliveness is palpable.  On stormy… (Read More)

7 January

Garden Catalogs, Seed Lust, & Accepting Limitations

  Spring is Coming I know it is super cold in much of the country, but there are sure signs of spring if we are paying attention.  The minutes of sunlight are increasing each day and seed catalogs are arriving in the mail. If you are not a gardener, it might be hard to understand… (Read More)

31 December

Setting the Wheel in Motion – Bringing Intention to Life

My 2017 Intention It’s the last Sunday of the year and I’ve made it to a finish line of sorts. At this time last year, I set an intention to write a weekly blog on a word or a concept for mindful focus.  My goal was multi-purposed. Setting a weekly focal point would give me… (Read More)

26 December

Turning Points – Mindfulness Focus Words

    The mindfulness focus this week is turning points. The funny thing about turning points is that we don’t always know when we’ve made it around the bend.  Oh sure, sometimes it is obvious. It may be something dramatic like a new job or a move to a new city.  But often, turning points… (Read More)

21 December

Longest Night – Winter Solstice

The blog post below was written one year ago.  Sadly, it feels even more relevant 365 days later.  In hopes that the light will overcome the darkness very soon, I am re-posting it now. Thoughts on the Longest Night – Winter Solstice Winter solstice always carries the symbolism of light overtaking the darkness.  That image… (Read More)

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