18 February

Circle of Influence – Contemplating Our Reach

          The mindfulness focus this week is circle of influence…contemplating  the reach of our actions and what if anything we can do to change the world.  Sadly this is not inspired by the garden, but instead by the ongoing gun violence in this country. It is easy to be overwhelmed by… (Read More)

11 February

Freezing Fog, Pogonip, & Clarity

    The view out our window on Friday morning looked like we were inhabiting a Loreena Mckennit song.  Even as the weather app was assuring us there was no precipitation in Denver, we walked out into air that was wet, thick, and cold. Grey mist hung in the air and a crystalline film enveloped trees… (Read More)

4 February

Connectedness and the Super Bowl

      Today is Super Bowl Sunday. It’s an odd day for those of us not into sports.  But here is a thought for my fellow non-sports people – maybe the Super Bowl  is about connectedness. I used to be completely baffled by the popularity of football and especially Super Bowl Sunday. (Sorry to… (Read More)

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