21 January

Accepting Uncertainty

    Children’s books often perfectly capture the human experience. In the Frog and Toad story The Garden, Toad admires Frog’s garden and then plants some seeds of his own. Toad waters the garden and then begins to obsess about when the seeds will come up.  He paces, worries, sings, and shouts at the seeds, which… (Read More)

14 January

Aliveness of Nature – Tuning In

  Shores of Lake Erie Opening up to the Aliveness of nature is this week’s mindfulness focus. Some settings immediately open our eyes to the aliveness of the natural world. I grew up along the shores of Lake Erie(1) and walking along the beach on even the calmest days, the aliveness is palpable.  On stormy… (Read More)

7 January

Garden Catalogs, Seed Lust, & Accepting Limitations

  Spring is Coming I know it is super cold in much of the country, but there are sure signs of spring if we are paying attention.  The minutes of sunlight are increasing each day and seed catalogs are arriving in the mail. If you are not a gardener, it might be hard to understand… (Read More)

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