30 November

Extending Gratitude Post Thanksgiving

    One week ago, many of us spent Thanksgiving day recognizing the things we were grateful for. We might have taken turns around the dinner table or posted our thoughts to Facebook.  Perhaps we made an actual list on paper or in our heads. And then we moved on. It can be easy to… (Read More)

20 November

Which Wolf? This Week’s Mindfulness Focus

There is a fable that goes something like this:  A young boy shared with his grandfather that he was angry with a friend. The grandfather told him that  there are two wolves inside each of us fighting for control. One is angry, greedy, selfish, and sees itself as separate from the rest of the world…. (Read More)

15 November

Showing Up – This Week’s Mindfulness Focus

    Green organisms respond quickly to small changes in soil, water, sun, and wind. They also respond to other plants and insects by changing their own chemistry. Often this is instantaneous.  It is hard to imagine what it would look like for a plant to not show up or be present.  They don’t have… (Read More)

9 November

Welcoming Darkness

We have arrived again at a place of darkness. I’m not speaking figuratively. It’s just dark outside!  Because of time change and the approaching winter my drive home from work is enveloped in darkness.  The Denver sun sets at 4:49 PM today. I feel much resistance to this annual cycle, preferring long days of sunshine… (Read More)

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