30 April

Warmth – Intentional Focus Word Experiment – Week 18

      Warmth is what I am intending for my garden and it is the focus word for the week. I had planned to write about lemon balm or comfrey, both coming up abundantly in the garden.  That was sidetracked by the spring snow yesterday and the 23 degree evening temperatures, which put buds… (Read More)

23 April

Earth – Mindfulness Focus Words – Week 17

      Earth – the ground we walk on – the only home we have – the place all sustenance springs from.  Earth – a small rock, teeming with life, floating through infinite space.  With Earth Day celebrations throughout the week, it was an easy pick for this week’s mindfulness focus. There are all kinds… (Read More)

16 April

Prickly Gifts – Inspired by Stinging Nettles – Mindfulness Focus Words – Week 16

    If you’ve encountered stinging nettles by accident while walking or gardening, the word gift is probably not the first thing that pops into your head. Tiny stinging hairs cover the plant and brushing against them releases the plant’s venom.  The sting contains formic acid, the same chemical as a bee sting, and can… (Read More)

9 April

Garden – Mindfulness Focus Word Experiment – Week 15

    I returned to my garden yesterday after a rather grueling work trip.  Last week’s focus on “fascinating”  was extremely helpful while I was away.  But returning home to my garden immediately improved my mood.  It was like coming home to a surprise party of plants.  In seven days, the espalier apple and miniature… (Read More)

2 April

Fascinating – Mindfulness Focus Word – Week 14

      My focus word this week is “fascinating”.  We tend to reserve that word for things that attract or intrigue us.  Fractals, for example, with their never ending patterns, grab our attention and hold it.  “They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop.”(1)  Think about… (Read More)

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