26 February

Week 9 Mindfulness Focus – Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon Noticing the waxing moon (1) in its journey toward wholeness… that is my mindfulness focus for the week. The moon was new on Friday evening, but already it  has become a crescent in the sky.   Paying attention to the increase is this week’s practice. I like weaving back and forth between… (Read More)

19 February

Courage – Week 8 Mindfulness Experiment

Courage, my mindfulness focus for the week, was partially inspired by the first sprigs of yarrow in my garden.  Yarrow (Achillea millifolium) is an ancient  healing plant with the magical properties of protection and courage.  Discovering the yarrow confirmed something I’d been feeling since midweek, as I was practicing  invoking joy.  After a heartbreaking conversation with a… (Read More)

12 February

Invoking Joy – Week 7 Mindfulness Experiment

    Invoking joy – My mindfulness focus this week is inspired by my Corgi, Luna and my grandson, Leo. This is Luna sitting by the tunnel which allowed her to run under the pumpkins to a formerly blocked part of the yard. See that smile on her face?  It was delightful watching her run… (Read More)

5 February

Wonderment – Mindfulness Experiment Week 6

      The focus word for this week is wonderment – a state of awe, joy, and wonder.  It is funny in a way that we need to be mindful of wonder.  We are traveling on a large rock through infinite space, kept alive by an intricate balance of oxygen, nitrogen, and other chemicals,… (Read More)

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