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Mindfulness Garden Games
by Joann Calabrese
author of Growing Mindful
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Lunar Mindfulness Practices

a dog named Luna
Luna named for the moon
Invitation to Lunar Mindfulness Practices – 2024

I invite you to align with lunar energy and tap into the magic of each new moon in 2024

CalendulaWhy the New Moon

We sometimes forget (because of modern lighting) that the new moon is a time of darkness. It is a time where things are harder to see and may seem completely hidden from view. New moon is a perfect time for contemplation and giving energy to new goals and projects. As the moon increases, our projects take form as well.

In honor of each new moon I’ll be writing about gardens, mindfulness, and intentional living. Each blog post will have a suggestion for mindful focus to adopt for the following 28 days.

Join Me

This idea of mindfully working with one concept at a time is something I learned in my earliest experiences with meditation. The world calls to us in a million ways and it is so easy to get distracted. By choosing a concept to focus on for a specific period of time, it gives shape to your practice. If the idea of intentionally working with the lunar cycle  speaks to you, I invite you to join me in this practice. Sign up to receive notifications of my posts by email.  Use the link in the right hand column of the blog posts or email me at joanncalabrese@gmail.com.   And if you do adopt this practice, I’d love to hear how it is working for you.

For the past two years I have posted a blog every 14 days, each new moon and full moon. Because of some other writing projects, I will just be posting only at the new moon for the time being, but there are links to my previous posts below.

Links to Lunar Posts published in 2022
Luna with Little Sister Millicent

January 17th Full Moon – Rosemary and Remembrance

February 1st New Moon – Gardening & Qigong – 5 Connections

February 16 Full Moon – Echinacea and Boundaries 

March 3 New Moon – I Ching, Gardens, & Mindfulness

March 18 Full Moon – Dandelions and Resilience

April 1 New Moon – Ruth Stout Queen of Mulch

April 16 Full Moon – Lavender & the Intention of Kindness

April 30 New Moon – Permaculture as Mindful Practice

May 16 Full Moon – Rhubarb, Duality, Complexity

May 30 New Moon – The Antidote for Overwhelm

June 14 Full Moon – Milkweed & What is Essential

June 28 New Moon – Alien World of Fungi

July 13  Full Moon – Eggplants, Mystery, & Mindfulness

July 28 New Moon – Cultivating Awareness in the Summer Garden

August 12 Full Moon – Garlic & the Vibration of Confidence

August 27 New Moon – Personal Boundaries Inspired by the Garden

September 10 Full Moon – Sunflowers and Guardian Energy 

September 25 New Moon – Fairy Garden Creation 

October 9 Full Moon – Fennel and Illumination 

October 25 New Moon – Mindful Transitions

November 8 Full Moon – Of Marigolds & Joy in Dark Times 

November 23 New Moon – Thanksgiving Eve

December 12  Full Moon Yarrow & the Essence of Healing

December 23 New Moon Mindfulness Practices

Links to Lunar Posts from 2023
January 6 Full Moon Raspberry Plants & New Creations

January 21 New Moon Advice from Luna

February 5 Full Moon Amaranth & Grace 

February 20 New Moon World View, Alphabets, & Gardens

March 7 Full Moon Gifts of Flax

March 21 New Moon & Equinox Energy

April 6 Full Moon Borage for Courage & Joy

April 20 New Moon Earth Day Mindfulness 

May 5 Full Moon Violets – Small Wonders 

May 19 New Moon Garden Experiments 

June 3 Full Moon Gifts of Comfrey 

June 18 New Moon Three Sisters Experiment

July 3 Full Moon Ancient Fava Beans 

July 17 New Moon Garden Enlightenment 

August 1 Full Moon Calendula for Creative Inspiration