What Are Mindfulness Garden Games?

Gardens, and all of the green world, provide easy access to mindfulness and being present. We can practice specific garden activities (games) that deepen our awareness, like walking meditation  or drawing a plant to connect with it.   But gardening by itself can be a mindfulness game.  The simple act of tending a plant allows us to focus and be present with another living species in a nurturing way.   So mindfulness garden games are any green world activity that promotes intentionality.

The garden is also a metaphor for our individual lives and our lives in community.   We tend our own life gardens aiming for wellness.  Our life gardens are part of a larger community that needs energy and tending from us as well.  Living with intention, we can nourish and nurture all these intersecting gardens.

It is all connected. It is all part of the ever changing kaleidoscope of experience. Games are meant to be fun. When we approach mindfulness as a game we can be light and easy about it. Like a video game where we constantly get knocked off our feet, just laugh and get back up and start again.


Connectedness is the feeling and understanding of being part of a larger circle of energy and life on the planet; experiencing the visible and invisible energies that touch us all, providing tangible support, nurturing, and wisdom. Connectedness is not about knowing these things intellectually; it is a heart-centered awareness.

When we join hands with another person the electrons in our hands are flowing back and forth. When we breathe in air or drink water it is the same air and water that has been circulating on the planet for a millennium. It’s traveled through the rocks, through space, through the bodies of other life forms and through us. There is no place that is not part of us. There is no place that is truly other.

How might the world change if we could be cognizant of that awareness in each moment? And how could we get ourselves to that point?

This website will explore reminders and ideas for tapping into the awareness of connectedness. I need these reminders for myself and know that if I’m writing about them it will keep me focused.  I’ll be investigating the theme of connectedness through the lens of the things I am most passionate about. Because it is ALL CONNECTED, you could literally pull any string to investigate the unifying themes, but the strings I find myself tugging on the most have to do with:

  • mindfulness practice in all its many forms
  • the recovery and wellness movement
  • organic gardening, medicinal plants, permaculture, sustainability
  • qi gong and tai chi
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